News & rumors for Friday the 13th: The Game

After being tormented with the news of physical copies coming with exclusive content, we finally are hearing some news about an upcoming DLC and some exciting rumors!

Friday the 13th: The Game physical copy with bloody skin
Friday the 13th: The Game physical copy with bloody skin

Bloody Jason skin

Bloody Jason Skin for Digital playersDigital owners can stop crying about the exclusive bloody skin because they will be getting their own version with different patterns! And honestly, I’m confused why so many complained when the majority of gaymers never want to play Jason from my point of view. Even without the skin, you will still be able to enjoy it when being attacked by anyone with it.

Team killing removed from public

This one will piss off the kids; F13 will no longer have team damage (melee & gun) in public matches! Traps will still cause damage or death but without any loss of XP to the trap setter and the car can still kill you, because… well its a freaking car it just should. Gaymers can rejoice knowing that the Jason helpers on public will no longer slash and hack at you; just give away your every move, hide parts and steal the car you just repaired. But hey gurl, progress is progress!

Note: Private matches will still have team killing.

New maps! No wait, 40% smaller maps

Friday the 13th Crystal Lake map
Crystal Lake

Tired of the long 20 minute matches? Well F13’s devs decided to speed things up a bit by making new versions of the current maps but smaller. Some gaymers are already dreading this because they think it will make it easier for Jason but in reality it will put you closer to each other, closer to parts and closer to exits; definitely making advantages on both sides.

Note to devs: If you really want to freshen up the maps, ADD WEATHER! Rain, fog, snow and red moon would be awesome additions to game play, what do you think?


Tiffany Emoting Friday the 13thCommunication is key in F13 and gaymers love to express themselves as much as possible; emotes are definitely a game changer! F13 counselors will now have access to 8 emotes. So far it seems we have a “thumbs up”, a slashing “no” and “follow me” gesture seen in the video provided by F13’s Twitter. What emotes would you like to see and how do you think these emotes will effect the game play?

Watch Video: Friday the 13th The Game Twitter

The rumors

We have had plenty of gossip floating around the last couple of weeks and we will keep you updated with any confirmations we get on the following:

  1. Play as Pamela – Don’t know how this old woman is going to match up to her OP son but we’re down.
  2. Litchfield Prison map – OMG please give us new maps, a prison would be EPIC and or Jason X inspired map!
  3. Completely new Jason – Possibly with the release of the single player campaign.
  4. New counselor Tina – Telekinetic character from the movie coming to game? We can only pray.

We would love to see any of these come true, keep your fingers crossed and comment below!

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