Illfonic’s latest game you didn’t know about, Dead Alliance

Dead Alliance

While most of us are waiting on more content for Friday the 13th: The Game, Illfonic just announced a new title coming in August called Dead Alliance. Dead Alliance is a zombie shooter with some unique weapons that allow you to use zombies as part of your forces in multiplayer combat. “Strategically use zombies to distract, disable and attack your opponents. Utilize a variety of zMods including lures, pheromone grenades, and traps to get the zombies working for you!”

Trailer for Dead Alliance from E3

Some are angry that this secret project has been delaying updates, fixes and content for Friday; but it seems this project wasn’t that secret after carefully reading through Illfonic’s website.

Dead Alliance Day 1 edition“They won. Enter a world fifty years after the Zombie Apocalypse, where military city states vie for control of scarce resources by weaponizing zombies against each other. This is the setting for Moving Hazard, a team-based, competitive first person shooter co-developed by Psyop Games and IllFonic. Fifty years after the collapse of civilization due to a fast-moving and unstoppable zombie plague, what remains of humanity has retreated to a handful of fortified military bases and left everything in between to the shambling corpses of the zombie majority. In order to survive, your squad must venture out into the wasteland and face off with other survivors for control of important resources and strategic command points.”

Dead Alliance was previously named Moving Hazard back in 2016. Either way, WAG loves a good zombie game and we are looking forward to playing it next month. Dead Alliance is scheduled to be released on PS4 and Xbox One next month.

Dead Alliance

Initial release date: August 29, 2017
Publisher: Maximum Games
Developers: Maximum Games, IllFonic, Psyop Games
Platforms: PS4 and Xbox One
Price: $39.99



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